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Why choose our prepared modular home?
Generally, wood-frame houses are made on site to, and they are exposed to inclement weather conditions that damage the materials and the timely performance of the work.

Our Modular homes are manufactured in an enclosed space, and the final form is delivered to the installation site where they are assembled in a few days.

Prefabricated houses are made in separate panels, and only when you connect all the panels together formed bearing design, and have a lot of joints.

Modular homes each module is bearing design with a full finish, which consists of connecting the appropriate customer expectations by creating a modular home with a minimal amount of joints, which ensures maximum thermal resilience

Why to choose us?

Ltd. Fugo Modules home to substructure give a 15-year warranty.

For our produce all season home wall, floor, ceiling insulation is 250 mm thick.

Within 150mm thermal insulation rock wool + Pepi REFLEKT PLUS, which is equivalent to 100mm rock wool.

Pepi REFLEKT PLUS all the joints are glue over the reflective tape, thus providing a high-quality thermal and vapor barrier.

Each of our clients is special, and he is able to plan and reserve an appropriate modular homes with individual building shape, room layout, decoration ATERIALS color.

About Fugo Ltd. modules responds positively to existing customers.

The first modular homes to their needs we develop at 2001 year. 
Over time, the house has been tested and improved manufacturing technologies to increase the quality of modular homes.

If at the time the customer wants to change the location of a modular home, we carry out the transfer of the modules to the appropriate location.

If at the time the client wishes to increase the space, we take extra module manufacturing and installation, adding to the already existing modular home.

If you have already the plot with the basics, we can produce modular homes to be installed on the existing foundations.